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It’s time to finally present you a description how to decorate your Llampaca, as I promised long time ago 🙂 The llampaca pattern itself can be purchased HERE, and below you can read about making it fancy 🙂

Let’s start with a blanket on llampaca’s back. Take a colorful yarn with short colour changes – I used Schachenmayr Bravo Color and hook size 3mm or 3.5mm. Make a rectagle with a moss stitch, as the diagram below shows:

The size of your blanket should match to the size of your llampaca, so I’m not able to make it more specific. When the rectangle is ready and fit your llampaca, go around it with the single crochet stitches. The end of the yarn, and its beginning on the other side of the blanket as well, can be used to tie it together under llampaca’s belly. Finish by adding the threads in every single crochet of the shorted sides of the blanket. The good idea is to make it longer, so you can cut them to make them even later.

To decorate your llampaca’s neck you can make 3-4 pompons, using this tutorial – CLICK. Attach them to the chain thread and put on llampaca’s neck.

Of course, that’s only one of the many ways to make your llampaca even more fancy and glamourous  😉 The blanket can be in any size, pattern, colours. You can make the tassels instead of pompons. Llampaca can wear a hat and neck warmer… Only your imagination is a limit 😉 Good luck!


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