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Hi! Today we want to show you a proposal of the outfit – a dress for the doll made with our basic pattern you can purchase HERE.


The dress should be made with a bigger hook than you use to make a doll itself. If you used 2.5mm for the doll, use 3mm now. As for yarn, I used about a half of the skein of YarnArt Jeans, plus small amount of the extra colour to add decorations, but it depends only on your imagination and style.



  • MR – magic ring
  • sc – single crochet
  • ch – chain
  • inc – increase – 2 sc in 1 stitch
  • dec – decrease – 2 sc together
  • [sequence]*x – repeating the sequence x times

NOTE: Number in the brackets means the final number of stitches in the round.

Repeat the line (eg. 2sc, dec) till you have that number.


Let’s start!

Chain 35 as a base. Chain stitches on the sides of the next rows will create the holes for the corset tie on the doll’s back. The first chain of each row, right after “turn” is only for adjust the high of the stitch, it doesn’t count to the final number of the stitches in the row.


  1. starting in second chain from the hook – 1sc, ch 1, 10sc, 10 half double crochets, 10sc, ch 1, 1sc (34)
  2. turn, ch 1, 12sc, inc, 8sc, inc, 12sc (36)
  3. turn, ch 1, 1sc, ch 1, 10sc, inc, 10sc, inc, 10sc, ch 1, 1sc (38)
  4. turn, ch 1, 38sc   (38)
  5. turn, ch 1, 1sc, ch 1, 10sc, [dec, 1sc]*5, 9sc, ch 1, 1sc (33)
  6. turn, ch 1, 11sc, [dec, 2sc]*3, 10sc (30)
  7. turn, ch 1, 1sc, ch 1, 26sc, ch 1, 1sc (30)
  8. turn, ch 1, 30sc (30)
  9. turn, ch 1, 1sc, ch 1, 26sc, ch 1, 1sc (30)
  10. turn, ch 1, 30sc (30)
  11. turn, ch 1, 1sc, ch 1, 5sc, inc, 13sc, inc, 6sc, ch 1, 1sc (32)
  12. turn, ch 1, 7sc, inc, 15sc, inc, 8sc (34)
  13. turn, ch 1, 1sc, ch 1, 5sc, inc*2, 15sc, inc*2, 6sc, ch 1, 1sc (38)
  14. turn, ch 1, inc*38 (76) – join with the other side of your project with a slip stitch, now you will work around, with no turning – you can close each round with a slip stitch or work in spiral, as you prefer
  15. – 28. 95sc – (13 rounds)

Finish with a slip stitch when you have a desired lenght of the dress (you can make more rounds with 95sc). Hide the yarn’s ends. Time for details 🙂


  • Tie the thread on the back through the holes made with in rows to create the corset tie – thanks to that the dress will fit well your doll’s chest.
  • Decocare the lower edge of the dress with an embroidered pattern, even if it’s a simple zigzag.
  • Add a line in the other colour on the waist – about round 12. Use surface stitch technique.
  • I’m sure you have plenty ideas for other details for your dress 😉



The dress is finished! I’m waiting in our FB group OrlicaCraft Designs to see your beautiful creations. If you don’t have any doll to suit up, don’t hesitate to purchase my pattern 🙂  Just click on the picture below.

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