About us

OrlicaCraft  is a small family business, it’s all about family actually.
We are a young married couple, we spent a half of our lives together and we have a beautiful 3 years old daughter, Wiktoria. We all are OrlicaCraft team 🙂
My name is Dominika (hello!) and I’m a reason of all that mess 😉 You see, I came with an idea – what if I could do what I love to do, but for living? What if I could turn my joy of creating amigurumi, crocheting, knitting, into the business? And here comes Wojtek, my husband, and he does something amazing. He believes in me and that idea. He helps to make my dreams come true (sounds clichéd, huh? ;)) and spread my wings (clichéd again?!).
Of course, our little Wiktoria plays her part too! She is my Muse, my inspiration, my head tester for all new designs, my helper. Yes, she’s 2 and she already tries to crochet!
Oh, did I mentioned we started out business in her first birthday? 🙂
We love challenges, we want to bring smiles at your faces and see these smiles in the pictures you send us. We hope you will enjoy our products and designs as much as we enjoyed creating them!
We want you to feel you belong to OrlicaCraft’s family.