PATTERN – Puppet Clown Patrick

My puppet clown made with this pattern and with semi-cotton yarn (YarnArt Jean) is 33 cm (13 in.) high. His shape and form make him a great toy for a baby – long and narrow legs and arms perfectly fits the small hands. Also, you can put some sensory elements into his hands, feet or pompom. This pattern is seamless – all parts are attached by crocheting :) The pattern is meant for the beginners and intermediate crocheters.

PATTERN – Little Fox for the Little Ones

This little fox was designed for the babies – its shape is just accurate for the small hands and it doesn’t have any parts that could be dangerous any way. You can also use some sensory accessories, like the rattle or the pipe. The fox should be made with 100% cotton yarn – I used Drops Safran with hook size 2.0mm, the fox is 15cm (5,9 in.) high. The pattern is meant even for the beginners.