Fluffy Chicken

Easter is coming and this year it’s going to look way different than usual. Let this fluffy chic brighten your day! 馃檪

Pattern is meant for beginners. It requires two types of yarn 鈥 for legs and beak you need a fine yarn, I used YarnArt Jeans (160m/50g), and some fluffy thicker yarn for the body and wings 鈥 I used Himalaya Dolphin Baby (chenille yarn, 120m/100g). Of course you can use yarns with similar specification. My chicken, made with these yarns is about 7-8cm (3 inches) high.

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Colorful Snake

We are happy to introduce our newest free pattern! It’s a simple form you loved when we showed it on our Facebook page. Meet the Colorful Snake!

To make this snake you need a few colors of any kind of yarn 鈥 I chose 5 pastel shades of Himalaya Dolphin Baby 鈥 and a hook matching your yarn 鈥 I used 4.0mm. A length of this snake depends only on you, mine is about 105cm (43,3 inches). A pattern is really easy, you can crochet it even if you are a beginner in the Amigurumi. Also, it鈥檚 a great way to use the yarn left-overs! I bet we all have it!

Download from FREEBIES.